Walking For Fun and Profit

Make Extra Money by Offering Dog Walking Services For your Neighbors 

Getting fit can be fun and it can be profitable too! I'm not talking about mega-bucks here, but, if you could add a few dollars to your pocket every day wouldn't that take the pressure off your limited budget? I'm sure it would.
When I first started out in my working life I wanted to work at a job that would take care of my fitness needs at the same time. I figured that if I could do that I wouldn't have to pay money out of pocket to go to the gym. And, I wouldn't have to take time out of my day to do it. I tried to get on as a Letter Carrier at the local Post Office, but alas. that was not meant to be. I do have a job now that, if I'm lucky, I walk for most of the shift but that doesn't happen every day.
I still think that the Post Office should do a public service and hire overweight people who want to get fit. Ask the applicant why they want to work for the Post Office as a Letter Carrier and if they answer "to lose weight" - hire them! You probably wouldn't get a more dedicated employee. You know what they say about us well-proportioned people. If you need to get directions just ask an overweight person - we're eager to please.
Now that we're older and getting ready to retire - or maybe we're already retired - we think about how to make some extra cash to make up for the shortfall in our incomes. After all, we're going to have all this extra time on our hands.
It's a perfect time to start a business. And, we're the perfect people to do this service. We have many good qualities that make us the perfect candidates for walking your neighbors pets for money:
  • We are older. People trust us more for some reason. We've got roots in the community and are not about to leave it any time soon.
  • We have the time. More people are too busy making a living to properly take care of their dogs' exercise needs. Just look at all the services offered to busy working people today. We probably wouldn't want to clean houses but we are quite capable of taking Fido for his exercise.
  • We're probably going to be cheaper than those who do this for a living. We don't need to walk 12 dogs to earn a living. We're just making coffee money for our Starbucks fix. It is more lucrative than picking up pop cans and less stigmatising than dumpster-diving!
  • The work is steady. That means steady pocket money and you'll get regular exercise.
I hope you'll check out this growing trend for making money by offering services like this for busy working people. You'll be offering a valuable service for people and will be able to grow it as big as you want or keep your business small depending on your needs.

Getting Pooped for Fitness Sake - How I Walk my Dog to Get Fit

Just one little change in attitude makes all the difference.

Just a ritual every morning and evening, right?  Get the leash on your dog, go around the block as fast as you can or until your dog does its business and get back home before the commercials are over.

I used to be like that. 

But I soon realized that I had to change my attitude if I was going to benefit from exercise to get myself back into shape.

I had to think about how this time spent with my dog can be used to benefit me.  If I thought that I was only walking my dog,  I was only doing it for her so I had to change my thinking.

After changing my thinking from "taking her out to do her business" to "I'm walking for my exercise and she's just coming along"  I began to realize that there were other benefits for me as well.

The most important benefit to me was losing weight.  I was more conscious of how much I was exercising and was able to increase my distance and my speed as I got stronger.  My walk is mostly in a flat area in my neighborhood but I could easily incorporate hills if I wanted to.  I'm thinking about getting an omron pedometer to see how many steps I take.  It's going to be great to actually measure my distance and keep track of my walking goals and increase them if I want.  Amazon has many great deals on pedometers for walking to help you measure your success.

I also noticed that after a nice long walk that when I brought my dog home she was more relaxed.  Cesar Milan on the Dog Whisperer on TV uses exercise in many of his episodes to expend excessive energy in hyper dogs.   He even uses a treadmill for many dogs that have a lot of energy to burn.

With a change in attitude from "just getting it done" to "I'm doing this for me" can make all the difference in your results.